De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica & Wijsbegeerte der Exacte Wetenschappen

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica & Wijsbegeerte der Exacte Wetenschappen
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VvL Master's Thesis Award 2022


We are happy to announce the winners of the VvL Master’s Thesis Prize 2022! Any master’s thesis with a topic in logic or philosophy of the exact sciences written as part of a master’s program at a Dutch university in 2021 was eligible for the prize. The master’s thesis prize committee has evaluated this year’s submissions, and considered the field to be extremely competitive. They were delighted with the high quality of rigor and thought that all theses displayed.

Without further ado, here are this year’s winners:

  1. Anna Dmitrieva (UvA, supervised by Nick Bezhanishvili & Tommaso Moraschini). Thesis title: Positive Modal Logic Beyond Distributivity: Duality, Preservation and Completeness.
  2. Maximilian Siemers (UvA, supervised by Aybüke Özgün). Thesis title: Hyperintensional Logics for Evidence, Knowledge and Belief.
  3. Dominik Wehr (UvA, supervised by Bahareh Afshari). Thesis title: An Abstract Framework for the Analysis of Cyclic Derivations.

The winners will soon receive a small prize and will be invited to present their thesis at a VvL event to be held in October 2022 (more information will follow).

We congratulate this year’s winners, and we encourage colleagues from universities all throughout the Netherlands to consider nominating their students for the prize next year.




VvL Master’s thesis award committee:

Valeria de Paiva (Chair, Topos Institute, Berkeley)
Jan Broersen (Utrecht University)
Balder ten Cate (University of Amsterdam)
Davide Grossi (University of Groningen/University of Amsterdam)
Leah Henderson (University of Groningen)
Sara Uckelman (University of Durham)